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Travesía came into being in 2000 as the Spanish Public Libraries Portal and has since developed into a digital library that supports library cooperation within the Spanish libraries systems. Objectives of Travesía Publish the necessary regulatory texts for cooperative library projects. Organise, preserve and distribute electronic publications produced or funded by the Subdirectorate General of Library Coordination. Provide unrestricted, open access to complete documents in text and audiovisual formats. The complete texts of the documents are included, authors rights permitting. Otherwise Travesía gathers all the metadata and links to the document on the publisher's website. Travesía has a multi-lingual interface in Spain's official languages as well as in English. Communities and collections Travesía currently has two major blocks of information: Library Standards is a very extensive block which includes the norms, standards, guidelines, recommendations and declarations issued by State regulatory bodies and State and International cooperation bodies in the library area. It has two well-defined collections, one of legislation (European, State and Regional) and a collection of technical standards in use in the library sector. Publications by the Subdirectorate General of Library Coordination with a view to distributing and preserving the publications generated by its coordination activities in the Spanish library sector: monographs, conferences, meetings, standards, etc. Technical aspects The metadata entered in Travesía are coded using Dublin Core and adapted, as far as possible, to the Library Application Profile (DC-LIB). The format of the metadata used in Travesía can be downloaded here. Also is available the manual para editores de Travesía. This can be recovered by subjects using the Librarianship Thesaurus and CINDOC Documentation. Travesía is constructed using DSpace an open source code application widely used to construct digital repositories. Travesía is an OAI Data Supplier, its base URL is:


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Additional Information: Travesía: Difunde los textos normativos necesarios en proyectos bibliotecarios cooperativos. Organiza, preserva y difunde las publicaciones electrónicas generadas por la Subdirección General de Coordinación Bibliotecaria del Ministerio de Cultura. Proporciona acceso libre y abierto a documentos completos en formatos textuales y audiovisuales.
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