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Galáxia - Revista Transdisciplinar de Comunicação, Semiótica, Cultura

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With its epicenter in the area of ​​Communication, at the interface with other areas of the Humanities and Social Sciences, the journal's editorial proposal encompasses disciplinary confluences and connections aimed at (1) understanding the production, circulation and reception of communication meanings/signs; (2) demonstrate the variety of research in communications, in terms of discourses, social practices and conditions of interaction, technological and otherwise; and (3) based on dialogue and the confrontation of different points of view, find methodological solutions in a field of knowledge whose theoretical and epistemological foundations are under dense discussion. Galaxia publishes articles dealing primarily with research in the area of communication, of a theoretical and critical nature, consistent with the purposes of the domain of its scientific competence, preferably put forward as a form of intervention. In particular, the journal seeks to emphasize the methodological approximations of communicational objects starting from focal points linked to the theories of language, signification and interpretation of the senses. Galaxia was created to understand the production and circulation of meanings produced in the society of communication. Its focus on the languages ​​of communication, of the arts (understood here as communication processes) and of systems of culture is a strategy for confronting the movement of signs in systems whose complexity varies on a sliding scale. In this sense, the journal promotes interfaces with sociology and arts (cinema, video art, etc., albeit always emphasizing the presence of communication processes). From the standpoint of the composition of Galaxia’s editorial project, it consistently comprises a section of articles, a section of reviews, and aperiodic sections containing interviews, reports, etc.


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