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University of Sao Paulo's (USP) Digital Library of Intellectual Production / Biblioteca Digital da Produção Intelectual da Universidade de São Paulo (USP)

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The University of Sao Paulo's Digital Library of Intellectual Production has the following goals: -To make the knowledge generated by researchers at the institution, public and accessible, encouraging the generation and use of information; -To increase the University's visibility of artistic, technical and scientific production; -To preserve institutional memory, by storing full text; -To increase the impact of the knowledge generated at the University in the scientific community and in the general public. Developed with open source software DSpace, the University of Sao Paulo's Digital Library was concerned about interoperability with other databases and adopted international standards and protocols like DRIVER, OAI/PMH and SWORD. With the architecture specially designed to be stored in the collections of the intellectual output of each department of education, the Digital Library of Intellectual Production will also be an important tool for generating scientific indicators for the University of Sao Paulo.


ROAR ID: 6120
Home Page:
Repository Type: Research Institutional or Departmental
Organisation: Universidade de São Paulo
Additional Information: The Institutional Repository Mandate:
Software: DSpace (version other)
Country: South America > Brazil
Sao Paulo
Birth Date1: 4 November 2012 09:47:51 UTC
Daily Deposit Activity2:
Low Rate
Medium Rate
High Rate
OAI-PMH Interface: ?Identify ?ListMetadataFormats
Other Registries: Celestial
Record Creator: Dr. Sueli Mara Ferreira
1Birth Date is either when the repository was first registered in ROAR or the earliest record found via the OAI-PMH interface.
2Deposit activity measures the number of days in the last year that had "low" (1-9), "medium" (10-99) or "high" (100+) numbers of records deposited.

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