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Research Institutional or Departmental

Webshot DKUM - Digital library of University of Maribor (unknown number of records) University of Maribor, Slovenia - 26 July 2007 [Record Details]

Webshot PeFprints - University of Ljubljana, Faculty of education (unknown number of records) University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education - 4 January 2012 [Record Details]

Webshot Repository of the University of Ljubljana (unknown number of records) University of Ljubljana - 24 December 2015 [Record Details]

Repository of University of Nova Gorica (unknown number of records) University of Nova Gorica - 5 January 2016 [Record Details]

Webshot Repository of University of Primorska (unknown number of records) University of Primorska - 5 January 2016 [Record Details]

Webshot University of Ljubljana Computer and Information Science ePrints.fri (unknown number of records) - 14 January 2003 [Record Details]

Research Multi-institution Repository

Webshot Digital repository of Slovenian research organizations (unknown number of records) Central Technological Library at the University of Ljubljana , Jožef Stefan Institute, National Institute of Chemistry, Institute of Oncology, Geological Survey of Slovenia, Institute of Criminology at the Faculty of Law, Slovenian Research Agency, Agricultural Institute of Slovenia - 13 January 2016 [Record Details]

Webshot SciVie (unknown number of records) Slovenian Forestry institute, Agricultural institute of Slovenia, National Institute of Biology, Department of wood science and technology at Biotehnical faculty University of Ljubljana - 6 June 2014 [Record Details]

Research Data

Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure - Slovenia (CLARIN.SI) (unknown number of records) Jožef Stefan Institute, ZRC SAZU: Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, University of Ljubljana, University of Maribor, Institute of Contemporary History, University of Nova Gorica, University of Primorska, Amebis, d.o.o., Alpineon, d.o.o., Domestic Research Society - 18 November 2019 [Record Details]


Webshot ELPUB Digital Repository (unknown number of records) ELPUB - 1 July 2012 [Record Details]

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